Have you rented skates for natural ice?

Please read the following information carefully!

Collecting and returning: When placing your order, you reserve your pickup and return time. It is not possible to collect earlier or return later!

Materials are rented per 24 hours. For example: If you hire skates and/or a seal at 09:00 on Saturday, you must return them by 09:00 on Sunday. If you do this later, we will charge you for three extra days. If you return the rented products too late, we will charge you extra.

Payment: Payment is made by pin when collecting the products.

Deposit: Per order of skate rental a deposit of €20 and a copy of ID must be handed in (tip: use the KopieID-app from the Rijksoverheid). For the skating helpers a deposit of €50 is required. A combination of a seal and skate rental is therefore a total deposit of €70. The deposit cannot be paid by pin. So take the deposit with you in cash! 

- Ice hockey skates: €6 per day + €20 cash deposit
- Skates: €7 a day + €20 cash deposit
- Skate helper: €17,50 + €50 cash deposit

Rent for several days: You can rent the skates/sea shoes for several days! You pay the standard rate for rental for 1 day. Materials are rented per 24, 48 or 72 hours. Example: If you hire skates on Saturday at 9am for 48 hours, you must return them on Monday by 9am at the latest. If you return them later, we will charge you for an additional three days. Late returns will incur additional charges.

Extending rental period: Do you want to hire your skates for a longer period? Then you must place a new order. If the skates are no longer available, you cannot extend. The skates are then rented to someone else. Please return your skates at the agreed time. If you fail to do so, we will charge you for three extra days.

Costs for damage: The skates may not be used on stone/hard surface etc., only on (natural) ice. If the skates are returned damaged, we will charge €10 for sharpening costs.

Cancellation: Please send an email to info@schaatsbaanrotterdam.nl no later than 2 hours beforehand, stating the order number and the items you wish to cancel. Thank you in advance. 

Skate rental opening hours: When renting you choose a pick-up and return time between 08.00 - 17.30 hours. After 17.30 Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is closed and you are too late to return. We would like to see you the next day to return the skates.

Published on 9 feb 2021

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