Season Pass

Purchase your subscription or rides card online!

Why online?

  • You are assured of your card.
  • You no longer have to go to the cash registers to buy your pass. **
  • You can use your pass the entire season, even during holidays and vacations!

Keep in mind: Our rides cards are person bound, which means you can only use this pass per one person.  


**If you are purchasing your seasonal pass or rides card for the first time, it will be sent to you digitally. If you want to have an actual card, you can come pick it up at the cash registers of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. If you have bought a pass before (as rides card or as subscription holder), your pass will automatically be updated with your newest subscription. This means you can still use the pass you used during our 2017-2018 season! If you have lost your pass, you can get a new one at our cash registers.